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After being frustrated with my previous planner, I decided to give Zeinob Amoo a try, with only seven months left until I was suppose to walk down the aisle.  Zeinob stepped in and made sure everything was in place and ready to go. If I had any questions or concerns, I could contact her without hesitation and she would handle it. If I did not have an answer to any of her questions, she would send me ideas to choose from. She is able to handle the stress of putting a wedding together down to every detail. Anything that she puts her hands on, it will turn to magic. I was amazed when I walked into my reception space and saw how beautiful everything turned out. I would recommend Zeinob to my friends and family because I know she will get the job done.  Everyone who attended the wedding tells me how beautiful everything was and how they had a good time.


Thanks a bunch babes and I can't wait to plan that baby shower *wink wink*

-Elrod & Jaunte



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