The Real S.A. Behind The S.A.

We chose a name that had real personal meaning to us and that we can incorporate with each of our client's. One of the people who held a special place in my heart has been sleeping peacefully for 10 years. One of my favorite uncles was a true guiding light as I was growing up. With true direction and change, I decided to name my company after him!

His name are the initials in the logo. His persona is what I'm striving to be. He loved family, but most importantly, he loved creating memories, whether it was for the holidays, birthdays or just because. After all of these years, I still have those memories to look back on.  

Designing your event will be fun, but finding every instance where I can assist in creating long lasting, timeless memories, is my ultimate and number one goal.

"To the one who helped push me to be greater. To the one who listened to me babble on for hours about nothing. To the one who let me know when I was in the wrong...but loved me like his own..

This One Is For You."

The Real S.A.

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